“Photography is haiku Photography is the art of limitless choices” Shomei Tomatsu

My undying gratitude to Paul Quaglia who, when I decided to take up photography more seriously after years of only taking 'snaps', talked me through my photographs and pointed out the 'dos & don'ts'.

There are times when I like photographs to speak volumes... to have a narrative... to tell more than one story... at others, only to allude and therefore to invite the viewer in to consider and interpret. Sometimes a single photograph, at others, several make up the finished image.

Digital photography and the computer have enabled me to download photographs and leave well alone or to experiment with the many different ways of translating the reality of the captured image into the unreality or ‘surreality’ of the manipulated or abstract image. Much of what I end up with reflects my preoccupations and is inextricably linked to the themes and symbology at the heart of my writing. I see these multi-layered images as ‘visual poems’, sometimes combining them with words, English and/or French, to reflect my dual heritage.

The surreal appeals, maybe it's having Belgian roots!

all words and images are copyright Anne-Marie Glasheen 1995-present