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‘Loved the visual imagery and scene painting - your prose is definitely that of an artist! So much atmosphere in such a short piece.’

‘Somebody said that a short story is a natural extension of the narrative poem form. Yes, I like that. I feel that is what you have done.’

‘What a lovely poignant piece... makes one long for answers to unanswered questions...’

‘I can picture him with the diary and in all the many possible scenarios of the pressed flower. What a beautiful, controlled piece of writing: congratulations.’

LINES IN THE SAND southword review 2009-Paul Casey

'...the debut collection from London poet Anne-Marie Glasheen, is an elegant and well-crafted collection of meditative verse, glimpsing a silhouette of the artist’s life, from an unsettled childhood, to the loss of her husband, her lifelong cultural alienation and struggle for identity, final acceptance and inner harmony.'

Review of translation: At the Edge of Night by Anise Koltz. Will Stone, The Warwick Review,June 2010

'Over the four more recent collections contained in this volume faithfully translated by Anne-Marie Glasheen, we have a powerful slug of Koltz's vision. Straight away she leaves us in no doubt as to the nature of her poetry.'

Review of translation of MARGUERITE DURAS: A LIFE by Laure Adler, Penny Hueston

‘Admirably translated by Anne-Marie Glasheen, this biography capably describes a seductive genius and a monster of madness.’


‘Wow fantastic and what a variety of amazing pictures - I need to go up that lane or pay more attention when I go for a walk.’

‘What a treat! Making the unremarkable, remarkable.’

‘Many thanks for your new style photos which still retain your wonderful haunting style of our modern throw away world.’

‘I've loved your "I-MY CAMERA-AND-ME"!!!! I walked with your writing through those images always recalling old memories, connecting moments present and past, the wondering of life reminiscing the day by day of discarding, junk, thoughts, feelings... sometimes overwhelming.’

Review of translation of MA by Gaston-Paul Effa's T.L.S. 2003-Alastair Sooke

'Anne-Marie Glasheen has produced a translation as lush and fertile as the tangling vegetative world Effa describes.'

Review of translation: THE KEY TO OUR ABORTED DREAMS: Five Plays by Contemporary Belgian Women Writers Sarah-Jane Dickenson for ‘In Other Words’

The collection of plays displays a wide-ranging variety of skills in the manipulation of the dramatic medium and this is the real challenge to the translator – a challenge that Glasheen has met with skill and passion.