'Anne-Marie's background is literature first and foremost, with a particular emphasis on poetry, and these literary techniques inform and complement her photographic work, as her visual approach straddles both genres. Images are used like vocabulary, and are mixed and paired to achieve compositions of haunting content and texture.'

Frank Orthbandt
Review of HOME Blurb; in fLIP issue 28, summer 2014

'Her visual approach is unique and unexpected... she presents close-ups, details and structures, decorations, possessions and individual belongings, which she mixes like a puzzle and presents as splinters. Her technique preempts the deconstruction of the place... This atmosphere is enhanced by her use of grainy black and white images, subject to uncompromising cropping.'

Frank Orthbandt
Review of EXCALIBUR, Blurb; in fLIP issue 24, Spring 2013

'Her series of 12 still-lifes... told a moving story about how a house is a home full of memories, not just a building that can be disposed of on a whim by a local council. Her excellent and succinct captions told enough of the story... to stop any developer in their tracks.'
Roger Meade
review of OUR VILLAGES; fLIP issue 22, Summer 2012

'...These images you have created invoke a sense of apparitions, it's as though a history is released from the trees...'

Interview by Tiffany Jones on WALKING BACKWARDS THROUGH FIRE, fLIP, issue 11, Winter 2008