I started writing poetry in my teens (the teenage- then student-angst ridden variety that ends up in the bin) and have written articles throughout my working life before becoming a literary translator. I only returned to creative writing when I got to my fifties and started looking after my granddaughter Chloë. It was a time of reflection, of looking back at my life and wondering what it had all been about! I also examined the present I was in, and realising it wasn’t very satisfactory, I decided to follow Maya Angelou's advice and ‘cut myself a new path’.

Having reached ‘a certain age’ and not knowing how long I have left on the planet, I find myself increasing concerned with memory and identity, transience and the passing of time. I still revisit the past in order to understand the present, but my identity, my many ‘selves’ and my relationship with what is beyond ‘me’ are recurring themes in my visual and written work.

I haven't written anything for a long time but here is a selection of mostly but not exclusively, published work. There is no narrative, it’s a random selection.