Anne-Marie Glasheen, née Poncelet, had a half–French, half-Belgian (with a good dose of Luxemburgish and a sprinkling of German) father and an English mother.

Life being what it is, I’ve had several incarnations. But my great passion for the Arts has never diminished. Post the 9-5 jobs, I worked as a literary translator for some years – bringing novels, plays, poetry and art history from French to English - and coordinated cultural exchange programmes. But the nearer I got to 60, the stronger my need to explore and develop my own creativity, and now that I've turned 70 and all that that entails, it has become even more urgent as I wonder how much time I have left.

In 2002 I started to look after one of my granddaughters. Together we went for walks in Nunhead cemetery, a beautiful spot in southeast London, searching for statues of angels and found them in the strangest of places and in various stages of disintegration. Out of these visits came my first collection of interrelated images and poems.

I haven’t looked back and now regularly exhibit my photographic work, read in public and see a growing number of my poems, short stories and images published. I have also combined text and image to create artists’ books and video installations. I plan to experiment with poetry films.

Age is no barrier, only an excuse!

time, like money, like sand...

Member of London Independent Photography.

Former Chair of the Translators Association.


2009, winner of book jacket design competition for Lifetimes–Folklore from Kerry.

2007, Winner of Cork Literary Review Poetry Competition.

1998, recipient of the Prix littéraire de la traduction, awarded by the Communauté française de Belgique.


2011-12 LIP’s London Villages Project:

2007-08 Coordinator of Words from the Crypt, a series of word-based workshops for InSpire, at St Peter’s, Liverpool Grove, Walworth, London SE17 2HH

2005 Poet/Photographer in residence, Peckham Library, as part of Southwark’s Literature Festival, May-June

2004-06 Project programmer for Canterbury City Council’s Words Unbound and editor of Words Unbound anthology

1994-98 Founder, co-ordinator of Muze, European Women Writers Exchange, within Kent County Council’s Sans Frontières programme